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White Vanity With Vessel Sink

- Jun 19, 2017 -

White vanity with vessel sink can be divided into separate white vanity with vessel sink, embedded basins, under the table wash basin three categories, and the advantages of independent wash basin performance in: Resulting in rich, plasticity, with a good independence, the shortcomings are: Relatively high price, occupy a large space, if the space between the bathroom can be used for this type of white vanity with vessel sink.

White Vanity With Vessel Sink

The shape of the hanging basin is rich, the style of the market is also very many, can meet a variety of bathroom decoration style, its shape may be square, also may be long, there are six edges, fan-shaped, some like the bowl, some like a hat, very "Personalized", for the "Personalized bathroom" To bring richer colors. But the big drawback is that there is no storage space for the hanging basin.