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White Porcelain Vessel Sinks

- Jun 19, 2017 -

White porcelain vessel sinks can be wiped with a weak acid. General cleaning companies use oxalic acid, other weak acid can also, even with white vinegar, or fresh lemon can be. No damage to ceramic glaze. The following three methods can be tried, very useful!

White Porcelain Vessel Sinks

1, toothpaste method: Take the right amount of toothpaste evenly smear in white porcelain vessel sinks tea scale place, with a wash bowl cloth gently scrub, and then rinse with water can be.

2, vinegar method: Metal tea court on the  tea scale, can be soaked with vinegar, or soaked with bleach can easily to scale.

3, potato law: First ready hot water, the potatoes will be chopped and put in a cup, the ready hot water poured in the cup for 10 minutes, you can dispel tea scale.