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What Is Vitreous China Basin

- Jun 17, 2017 -

Vitreous china basin, that is, glass as the material of the basin. Now sold on the market vitreous china basin wall thickness of 19mm, 15mm and 12mm, and so on, from the surface, except for the color and style of the different, the other seems to be not too big difference, but the price is far apart. 

Vitreous China Basin

All think that the cleaning of vitreous china basin is very troublesome, as if to take towels at any time to wipe've will not have water stains, more worried about the use of a long time will lose the former crystal clear. According to the factory personnel, after special treatment of the vitreous china basin surface finish is very high, and not easy to hang dirty. On weekdays, the cleaning and maintenance of vitreous china basin and ordinary ceramic basin is not too big difference, you just have to pay attention to not using a sharp weapon to depict the surface and do not use heavy impact on it. For the vitreous china basin, experts recommend that if economic conditions allow, it is best to choose 9mm wall thickness products, because it can withstand the relative high temperature of 80 shan, impact resistance and damage resistance is better. As the vitreous china basin from process to design costs are higher, so the price is relatively expensive, consumers in the choice of the same product shop is should, but also should consider the strength and credibility of manufacturers.