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What Is The Bathroom Sink Cabinet Called

- Jun 17, 2017 -

In terms of structure, bathroom sink cabinet can be divided into wall-mounted and floor two categories. Hanging wall type, is the main cabinet and the ground completely separate, hangs on the wall. Because of its separation from the ground, it can play a good role in zoning. and the main body on the ground is the floor. From the material view, rectangular vessel bathroom sink are divided into solid wood, PVC, stainless steel and other categories. According to the introduction, PVC bathroom cabinets are relatively inexpensive, material waterproof. and solid wood bathroom cabinets are the main part of solid wood. In the solid wood cabinet body surface generally will paint $number layer of paint, so that its surface water absorption rate dropped below 5%.

Bathroom Sink Cabinet

Therefore, the real wood bathroom sink cabinet are not easy to produce deformation due to damp phenomenon. In terms of price, PVC, stainless steel bathroom cabinets relatively inexpensive, and solid wood in the price is more expensive, the price is generally more than thousand yuan. Gauss Bathroom Sales Staff Introduction, in the selection must also carefully check whether the bathroom sink cabinetsbody wood grain uniformity, the surface painted the color is delicate, smell smell lockers and so on, these are to distinguish the bathroom wash basin good or bad criteria.

The bathroom sink cabinet is not only important in choice, but also has great knowledge in installation. When installing a suspended bathroom cabinet, the load-bearing wall must be selected for suspension. If the installation is a floor-mounted rectangular vessel bathroom sink, in the installation of the Cabinet as far as possible to the outer side of the plate, so that the force of the cabinet to achieve balance. And in the display to see four of the feet are smooth. After the bathroom cabinets are installed, be sure to check if there is a drop of paint, mirror and cabinet installe.