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What Color Is Biscuit Sink

- Jun 16, 2017 -

what color is biscuit sink?

bathroom Sink

Granite Ceramic biscuit sink Original nine kinds of color, now have a dark brown to join, more perfect!

A touch of exotic style makes the kitchen shine

Newly added dark brown granite biscuit sinks,

With a new color scheme for modern kitchens,

In a variety of rectangular sink interior decoration style,

The warm, dark brown system can deduce its variety.

Hundred Dark brown

kitchen Sink

kitchen Sink

kitchen Sink

With an advanced grey biscuit sink, a soft white biscuit sink,

The stylish visual effect of the color bump

With Noble and restrained solid wood, such as oak, chicken wing wood collocation,

is particularly harmonious,

Even marble countertops can be echoed.

As the tenth color of the undermount sink bathroom series,

Nutmeg color makes the undermount sink bathroom series Richer,

And fills the gap between light brown and dark brown.