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Vessel Sink Installation Made Simple
- Mar 19, 2018 -

Sink Installation seems like a daunting and difficult task. Most are afraid to try on their own as it looks complex. One of the great thing about vessel sink is that it does not require expert and calculated cutting of countertop. Here are simplified steps of vessel sink installation.

Make sure the water is off before starting anything.

1. Mark the placement of your sink and faucet

Secure your countertop and decide where you wish to place your sink. When you find the perfect place for you sink, use a template to mark the position of the drain hole.

2. Cut the opening

Using a jigsaw, cut the opening precisely where you need it. Also remember to pre-drill screw holes.

3. Check and Apply Caulk

Check if the holes matches your Mounting ring, and apply caulk accordingly.

4. Place the Mounting Ring

Place the mounting ring on hole and position the vessel sink in place. Wipe off any excess caulk.

5. Secure the vessel sink in place

Secure and lock the sink in place then connect all the plumbing valves and tubes.


Vessel sink is a lot easier to install than other sinks. Hope you had a lot of fun installing your sink.

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