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How To Tell Quality Bathroom Sink?

- Nov 16, 2016 -

1. surface treatment technology, high gloss finish, but easily scratches; sand abrasion resistance, easy to gather dirt; established highlights of Matt and glossy, there is durability of sanding, and there are more choices.

2. the use of stainless steel sinks, easy to scrape the surface, so its best after drawing, scrubs and other special treatment on the surface, it can withstand repeated wear and more stain-resistant, easy to clean.

3. finish products, pure color, easy dirty dirt, easy to clean, good self-cleaning, lower water absorption of the products as possible.

4. artificial stone sink with pure eye color is not muddy, smooth surface marked with the nail surface, no obvious scratches, the most important thing is to look at quality certificate, warranty card and other documents are complete.