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How To Replace Sink In Bathroom

- Jun 18, 2017 -

Sink in bathroom use long after the inevitable leakage of water, plug, or the water device bounce equipment, such as the problem, in fact, the master method can be easily replaced by their own water.

1. Preparation of universal pliers (ordinary wrench travel is not enough to remove the water).

2. In the sewer winding raw material belt, can be slightly entangled thickness of one points, raw materials can strengthen the pipe thread tightness, to prevent leakage. (the sewer has two seals, the upper one, the bottom of the pool, the raw meal is wrapped between the two seals).

Bathroom sink

3. Under the sealing ring coated glass glue (sealing ring and ceramics between the seal is not very good, the need for glass glue to strengthen the waterproof function).

4. Tighten the brass nut with universal pliers at the bottom of the sink in bathroom. (the general demolition is counterclockwise, the installation is clockwise).

5. Install the connection section between the sewer and the drain water into the pool, check the airtight, drainage is good, the bottom of the basin is seepage?