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How To Make Sink Cabinet Kitchen

- Jun 17, 2017 -

How to make sink cabinet kitchen?

Installation precautions and maintenance of sink cabinet.

Sink Cabinet Kitchen

1, the installation of sink cabinet as far as possible to the outer side of the plate, so that the balance of the cabinet.

2, display the sink cabinet four feet is smooth. If not on the same level, the cabinet is not uniform force, line distortion, not only affect the beautiful and affect the service life.

3, should connect the water pipe, check whether leakage.

4, should keep the sink cabinet body dry, prolong the service life. Avoid watering, if water droplets should be wiped dry in time with cloth.

5, when cleaning with soft cloth, do not use metal wire, scouring cloth, strong chemicals scrub sink cabinets.

6, prevent the sink cabinet hard objects collisions, abrasions.