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How To Install Above Counter Sinks

- Jun 17, 2017 -

Bathroom cabinet above counter sinks installation needs attention:

1, before installation, check whether the spare parts are complete.

2. Install the triangle valve to ensure the hot and cold inlet pipe is kept flush.

3. Measure distance and install the water pipe. Apply glue evenly to ensure tight connection between tube and tube.

4. Install above counter sinks angle to see if all corners are at the same level. The proper adjustment can be made after the fitting.

Above Counter Sinks

5. Put the bathroom cabinet against the wall. See whether the location of the water pipe is appropriate, not appropriate to make certain changes.

6. Install the single hole bathroom faucet of above counter bathroom sinks. Faucet is best with the bathroom cabinet matching purchase, so the water outlet angle is more suitable.

7, with the nut fixed basin faucet. When fixed, one hand should hold the faucet so as to avoid the position deviation.

8, will be installed in the faucet basin on the above counter bathroom sinks, adjust the position to the best so far.

9. Connecting the inlet and outlet of the above counter bathroom sinks, the length is suitable and the position is reasonable.

10. Install the handle of the cabinet body and adjust it properly.

11, in the Taiwan Basin and the ceramic tile in the fixed method with silica gel, in order to achieve a solid cabinet, to prevent leakage.

12, open the faucet for water test, see if the angle is appropriate, water whether smooth.