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How To Clean Porcelain Bathroom Sink

- Jun 19, 2017 -

The cleaning of the drop in sink for bathroom should always be done, can not choose strong acid alkaline detergent, to use neutral detergent. Note that the material of the oval drop in bathroom sinkbelongs to the ceramic, do not use hot water rinse, lest cause the bathroom sink to crack.

Porcelain Bathroom Sink

The use of drop in ceramic sink should pay attention to maintenance, to avoid the use of abrasives (such as wire brush, etc.) clean. Stubborn stains, paints or petroleum bitumen, such as resin or paint thinner (such as banana water) to remove, to prevent the drop in porcelain bathroom sink contact with strong acid and alkali and other substances, so as to avoid causing its surface fade and lose luster. Ceramic sink and faucet, soap dispenser and other accessories need to clean cotton cloth sassafras swab, keep dry.