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Handmade Pottery Vessel Sinks

- Jun 19, 2017 -

Handmade pottery vessel sinks is the name of the whole manual production of the trough, no use of CNC fully mechanized production process. 

Handmade Pottery Vessel Sinks

This is not the production equipment is not developed, but handmade pottery vessel sinks characteristics, can only be used by hand production, its production process has welding, polishing, sand belt, pad stickers, spraying, push sand. Pure handmade pottery vessel sinks have anti-aging and anti-oxidation ability, and the products are more wearable and anti-pollution. The use of special deep water and anti-overflow equipment, double insurance, the use of high-quality pp drainage pipe, anti-cracking, heat, plugging, durability, and the unique deodorant function, the use of the whole steel head, using convenient.