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Glass Vessel Lavatory Sinks

- Jun 19, 2017 -

Glass Vessel Lavatory Sinks Installation Steps:

First of all, we take out the bottom of the bathroom cabinet, and then to take out the ruler of the hole in the distance between two screws. Because it is a hanging cabinet, so according to the normal person to glass vessel lavatory sinks is 80 cm, from the top to the underground on both sides of the amount is 80 cm. Then mark the hole of the two screws in the cupboard with a stroke. Use a ruler to measure the amount of distance. Then use the impact drill to drill two eyes, hammer the tube into the pipe, and then screw the screws. Fixed under the cabinet, the cabinet above the double-sided adhesive to rip off, and then take out the glass face after the position, to the top, you can use double-sided adhesive to the glass face fixed.

Then there are two pieces of iron box, the role is to fix the cabinet of another tempered glass, the position on both sides of the amount of good, painted on the wall, the use of impact drilling eye, into the expansion tube screw fixed. Fixed on, we put another glass surface, we will find that there are three holes, the middle of the hole is the faucet, the left is open off, on the right is the installation of subsection, the faucet and the switch and the subsection device to install. After fixing the top three, don't use it, put it aside. We're going to take out two of the c-shaped aluminum pieces, this aluminum is a fixed washbasin bracket, in the top of the two pieces of iron box, painting the position of high altitude after drilling the eye, put the expansion tube fixed (two pieces of aluminum distance do not exceed the bracket can). Two pieces of aluminum are fastened on the rear, take out the red glass tray and insert the middle. We can see the aluminum under a white screw, which is a fixed pallet, the red tray into the middle, and then use a small word screwdriver, tighten it. After fixing, we go back to the place where we just fixed the faucet switch, we put the faucet, the switch and the segmented device on the hose to connect, so that they can pass the water. First, connect the left and right sides of the switch to a meters of hose, then the a-meter hose to the home of the cold water outlet, and then the middle of the switch and the middle of the section to connect the hose, and then the section of the left and right side of the block to connect the faucet, and then meet the flowers to sprinkle the same way. Use the hose to connect them all and then use the fixed screws in the box to fasten the glass surface to the iron square. After fixing, we take out the red washbasin on the cupboard, then take it out, fix it on the red tempering basin, then connect the water hose and put the glass vessel lavatory sinks into the circle space of the glass. Then on the outside of the glass glue fixed, can also be inside the glass glue fixed on. After all the whole, we open the switch to try the water, and then use the subsection to see the flower sprinkle water, and then try to jump into the water there is no leakage of the condition, all the inspection completed, you can rest assured that the use.