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Faucet Mounting Hole Of Ceramic Sink

- Nov 30, 2017 -

Faucet Mounting Hole of Ceramic Sink

Ceramic sink is one of the traditional sanitary ware, as is known to most people,it can be divided into drop-in ceramic sink, undermount ceramic sink, pedestal ceramic sink, wall hang ceramic sink etc ,according to different installation methods. However, it can also be divided into three categories on the basic of the number of faucet mounting holes. The following content mainly introduces three categories of ceramic basins according to the different types of faucet mounting holes

1. No hole: the washbasin with no hole is generally design for the basin, and the faucet can be installed on the countertop or wall of the bathroom cabinet.

2. Single hole: the cold and hot water pipe is connected by a hole through the faucet with a single handle, the bottom of the faucet has a silk mouth, the faucet will be fastened to this hole by the nut.

3, Three hole: The ceramic sink with three holes can be divided into four and eight inches hole. It can be equipped with four or eight inches hole double handle hot and cold water faucet or single bib cock of cold hot water, cold and hot water pipe respectively connect to the faucet by both the holes in each side.

Faucet Mounting Hole Of Ceramic Sink