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European Style Bathroom Sinks

- Jun 18, 2017 -

European style bathroom sinks--look at the structure of the wash basin

European style bathroom sinks are generally mainly on the stage basin, down basin, column basin and other major categories, basically these products are similar, only in color, size, depth and so on. Now the market wash basin products, form is mainly these three kinds, but in the modelling, materials and other aspects have taken place very big change.

European Style Bathroom Sinks

European style bathroom sinks--look at the material of the wash basin

In the traditional concept, the european-style basins are used as raw materials. But now glass, metal and synthetic materials can be used to make wash basins. Especially in recent years, crystal clear, colorful glass wash basins by consumers pro-gaze, broke the ceramic wash basin monopoly market pattern, for the bathroom market brings a pleasant breeze. Compared to the ceramic wash basin, glass wash basin cleaning more convenient, smooth finish is also very good.

European basins-look at the shape of the wash basin

The choice of european style bathroom sinks in particular, it should be noted that the size, shape, color and the overall design of the bathroom, but also to consider some of the family's living habits, as well as the number of wash basins are used sooner or later, and so on. So, choosing a hand-washing tank is a very thoughtful thing to consider.

European style bathroom sinks-look at the installation of the wash basin

In the selection of basin or column basins, european basins need to be used as a reference for the width and length of the installation position. Generally speaking, as long as the table width of more than 52 centimeters, the length of more than 70 centimeters, there is a very large choice of basin space; if the mesa length is less than 70 cm, then it is best to choose the column basin, if the selection of basin will affect its installation effect, and the choice of the basin

European style bathroom sinks-look at the drainage of the wash basin

The choice of european style bathroom sinks also need to pay attention to "Overflow mouth." Many wash basins, near the upper edge of the basin, there will be a "Overflow mouth", this kind of wash basin in the process of water, water level to "Overflow" When, "Excess" Water will follow the "Overflow mouth" Into the drainage pipe, but if there is no "Overflow mouth" Design of the wash basin, when the tap water more than a certain amount, will be filled with water basins or even to the ground, the floor wet dirty.