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Do Bathroom Vanities Need To Match

- Jun 16, 2017 -

Do bathroom vanities need to match?

Ceramic bathroom vanities Size According to the size of the main single trough, double groove, three-slot or letter slot. Single trough is often the kitchen space too small family choice, in the use of more inconvenience, can only meet the most bathroom vanities cleaning function; Double groove design is widely used in home, no matter two rooms or three rooms, double groove can not only meet the needs of cleaning and conditioning separate treatment, also due to the appropriate space to become the first choice; three-groove or sub-groove due to the many special-shaped design, more suitable for the personality style of the large kitchen, quite practical, because modern bathroom vanity can be soaked at the same time and washing and storage, and many other functions, but also to make food cooked apart, Save time and effort.

Bathroom Vanities

Water Absorption Index

The so-called water absorption rate, bathroom basins is the evaluation of ceramic undercounter bathroom sink products on the absorption and permeability of water indicators. It is understood that the water is sucked into ceramics, ceramic will produce a certain expansion, ceramic under counter sinks bathroom is also so, this easy to make the surface of ceramic glaze due to swelling and cracking. Thus, the lower the water absorption rate of ceramic products better quality. According to the national water absorption rate of the relevant standards, water absorption rate of less than 3% of the sanitary ceramics that is high-grade ceramics. Buy should pay more attention to the manufacturer's manual, as far as possible to choose low water absorption products.