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Commonly Ignored Bacteria Build Up In Ceramic Sink
- Mar 24, 2018 -

Drop in bathroom sink a.k.a. top mount bathroom sink are staples in our bathroom. Lots of homeowner picks this type of sink for their bathroom as they are aesthetically pleasing. But did you know that this type of sink accumulates bacteria over time? I’m not talking about the sink surface. The rim of a drop in bathroom sink sits on top of the countertop. Most people don’t realize that over time , dirt and bacteria accumulate and build up on the rim of the countertop. The only time we would notice is when molds are starting to show. This is the only time that we would specifically deep clean and disinfect this area.

Whenever you clean your drop in sink, make sure you pay extra attention to this. Make sure that it is regularly disinfected. A simple mild cleaner or lemon juice or vinegar solution will clean this area up.

Another area you should pay extra attention to is the rim of the faucet. This is also another area where dirt hides in. This is another corner that people lightly cleans and most of the time ignores.

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