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Coloured Glass Basins For Bathrooms

- Jun 19, 2017 -

Coloured glass basins for bathrooms looks very high-end, to the bathroom to improve more than a grade. What about the glass wash basin? What precautions can be taken to avoid risk?

1. Change the bad habit of placing items on coloured glass basins for bathrooms.

2. Coloured glass basins for bathrooms on the top of the cosmetics board on the larger size or weight of the daily necessities, in addition to install lockers to facilitate the collection of daily necessities, to avoid placing on the make-up board.

3. Usually clean: Porcelain appearance soft brush hair or sponge dip neutral detergent cleaning, but do not use hot water rinse or directly into the hot water, lest coloured glass basins for bathrooms split. To use coloured glass basins for bathrooms water, first put cold water and then put hot water to avoid scalding.

Basins For Bathrooms

4. Regular maintenance: Below the water bay head can be removed, the accumulation of stains will be removed, can keep drainage unobstructed.

5. Regular detection of whether there is a dark crack in the basin, will coloured glass basins for bathrooms filled with water, poured into the colored pigment soaked one night, if there is a dark crack phenomenon, you can see clearly.

6. Clean coloured glass basins for bathrooms should be used as far as possible sponge dip cleaning agent cleaning, remember not to use cloth, or with a hard brush, acid alkaline chemicals or solvents wipe scrub, because the surface will form a small scratch, so that it becomes rough and easy to deposit dirt.

7. Porcelain and glass heat conduction rate is very small, if the rapid heat will rupture, so use should pay attention to the temperature is not too large, and must avoid strong external collision, resulting in rupture.

8. If the next type of glass wash basin, in the clean-up, you need to pay special attention to the bottom of the table and the basin junction of the dead part.