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Bathroom Vanity Above Counter Basin

- Jun 20, 2017 -

Above counter basin is a kind of sanitary ware, the bathroom is used for washing face, wash hands porcelain basin. The basin is divided into two types: Above counter basin and lower basin. This is not the difference between the counter basin itself, but the installation. Counter basin prominent mesa is called stage basin.

Bathroom Vanity Above Counter Basin

Ceramic, stainless steel, man-made stone these three kinds of material table basin easy to maintain, as long as diligent do clean, that is to maintain. And glass basin because of its fragile and high temperature, temperature generally in the 80 shan of the relative high temperature, use to be very careful, do not pour boiling water, but also notice not to use a sharp knife to scratch the surface and do not use heavy impact.

Above counter basin installation is relatively simple, just follow the installation drawings in the table to open the hole, after the basin placed in the hole, with a glass of plastic will fill the gap, the use of the table water will not be smooth cracks, so in the family used more. Also because the stage basin can make more changes in the shape, so in the choice of style, and the decoration effect is more ideal.