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Bathroom Vanities Vessel Style

- Jun 18, 2017 -

Bathroom vanities vessel style also has several kinds, single trough, double trough, three groove, corner groove, with wing groove, round groove are the market can choose the style.

Bathroom Vanities Vessel

Bathroom vanities vessel commonly used materials have the following: 1. Stainless steel, strong and durable; 2. Enamel material, cheap, do not hit; 3. Ceramic, durable, style older; 4. Resin material, with the table shape, new style, not anti-aging. Kitchen sink according to the material of steel plate enamel, ceramics, artificial stone, acrylic, crystal stone sinks, stainless steel, cast iron enamel, etc. According to the style of single basin, double basin, size double basin, profiled double basin and so on.