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Bathroom Sink Two Faucets

- Jun 17, 2017 -

The specific installation method is as follows:

1.Pre-installation of the bathroom sink, the installation of the bathroom sink, generally installed in the cupboard counter. That is, a few days before the completion of the installation of the bathroom sink, mainly to avoid the installation of a certain damage. First, open the package, remove the trough body and drain assembly, check the accessories are correct and complete. Take out the bathroom sink, and follow the opening pattern in the box with the opening of the table. Check the silencer block if there is degumming phenomenon, such as please post again. Check whether the faucet parts crack, even the two ends of the sealing ring is missing, dislocation, damage, etc., in order to avoid leakage after installation.

Bathroom Sink Two Faucets

2.Bathroom sink installation, bathroom sink drain must be left in the bathroom sink cabinet, install the tank before the installation of a good angle valve. In order to avoid damage to the outside surface of the faucet during the installation of the faucet, the faucet sleeve or the faucet plastic bag should be mounted on the faucet. When connecting the hot and cold water pipe, the left is connected with the hot water pipe and the right end is connected with the cold water pipe. In the installation of corrugated pipe, braided pipe, must pay attention to the size of the tightening force, too big to damage the thread, too small may be due to seal and leakage. After the installation, do the water tank debugging. Finally, if the installation of the double groove, we recommend that the two bathroom sinks alternate use, so as to ensure that the bathroom sink is not blocked, do not leak.