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Bathroom Basin Sink Parts

- Jun 17, 2017 -

The bathroom basin sink uses the highest frequency and the longest time in all kinds of supplies. Its quality is crucial, directly related to the family's daily life. But the choice of bathroom basin sink in fact, there is a lot of knowledge, we simply explain the selection of bathroom basin sink under the attention of the matter.

Bathroom Basin Sink

1.Functional parts.A quality bathroom basin sink often needs good accessories and details processing, overflow hole, drain basket, soap dispenser and so on, the details of the design and treatment can make the function of the benefit valley sink more complete. General now sink will be placed a drain basket, so in the use of more convenient, after washing the items in the drain basket, water will flow into the sink, not to wet the table around, also do not have to move things back and forth.

2.Reasonable design of drainage pipe.The design of the drainage pipe relates to the function of the sink and the storage of the lower cabinet. Now many people like the design of the slot after the slot, that is, the water hole design in the rear of the bathroom basin sink, will use space to expand. Through and down water pipe transfer set up, the lower cabinet storage configuration to maximize the scope.

3.Overflow water hole.Even if you put too much water or forget to turn off the faucet when you use the sink, the water will not overflow because the water will flow to the water pipe when it is near the overflow hole and there is no danger of "Water".

4.Soap dispenser.The cleaning agent is installed in the soap dispenser, the light point button can be cleaned the sink, so it is more convenient to use.