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Are Ceramic Sinks Any Good

- Jun 20, 2017 -

Are ceramic bathroom top mount sink any good?

June 13, the Office of the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued the "Ceramic industry bathroom top mount sink pollutant Emission Standards" (GB 25464-2010), including 20 national pollutant emission standard amendments (soliciting comments). According to the draft, the standard modification of pollutant emission from ceramic industry is mainly to collect the special emission limits of air pollutants and increase the measures of no organization. Ceramic industry will usher in a green "magic". In fact, in the near future, the ceramic industry in various producing areas (especially ceramic sanitary ware products) is facing the "magic spell".

Ceramic Sinks

Ministry of Environmental Protection: Ceramic industry Ceramic bathroom sink bowls emissions standards will be tightened


In the Ministry of Environmental Protection department issued the "Ceramic industry pollutant Discharge standard" (GB 25464-2010) revised list (soliciting opinions draft), Ceramic industry bathroom sink top mount Pollutant emission standard Amendment List added two items:

First, the special emission limits of atmospheric pollutants will be modified to: Spray drying tower Particulate matter limit is 20mg M3, sulphur dioxide limit is 30mg M3, nitrogen oxide limit is 100 M; ceramic kiln particle limit of 20mg M3 sulphur dioxide limit is 30mg M3, nitrogen oxide limit value is 150mg M3.

Second, to increase the organization-free emission measures. The process of non-organizational discharge mainly includes: raw material crushing, forming, drying, firing, testing, packing, etc. At the present stage, there is a certain difficulty in the supervision of the unregulated emission in the factory sector.