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Above Counter Bathroom Sinks Glass

- Jun 17, 2017 -

Above counter bathroom sinks?

Bathroom above counter sinks material types are very many, the main cast iron enamel, stainless steel, ceramics, steel enamel, man-made stone, acrylic, crystal stone sinks, stainless steel sinks,Above counter bathroom sinks glass, etc.

Above Counter Bathroom Sinks

Glass above counter sinks: A new type of material bathroom sink which has been popular in recent years. There are two main types of materials, one is the ordinary glass above counter sinks, the other is tempered glass bathroom sinks, and better quality glass above counter sinks should use tempered glass. Generally can be made into transparent glass, frosted glass, printing glass and other forms. Material fresh, crisp, concise, to the home full of vitality. Ordinary glass bathroom sinks are not resistant to high temperatures, which is the biggest flaw in ordinary glass vessel bathroom sinks. Because the glass itself is relatively poor temperature resistance, at the same time do the bathroom sink glass is generally very thick, after bending and other processes, the internal existence of huge stress needs to be released, glass bathroom sink temperature change ability to become worse. and tempered glass bathroom sink temperature resistance is significantly better than ordinary glass bathroom sinks, can withstand 100 Shan high temperature.