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Above Counter Bathroom Sinks Canada

- Jun 17, 2017 -

Above counter bathroom sinks canada

  1. CSA is the abbreviation of the Canadian Standards Association (Canadian Standards Association), established in 1919, and is the first non-profit organization in Canada to develop industrial standards.

CSA is Canada's largest security certification body, is also the world's most famous security certification body. It can provide safety certification for all types of above counter sinks products such as machinery, building materials, electrical appliances, computer equipment, office equipment, environmental protection, medical fire safety, sports and entertainment. CSA has been all over the world's thousands of manufacturers to provide certification services, each year has hundreds of millions of CSA with the certification mark of above counter sinks products in North American market.

Above Counter Bathroom Sinks

2. Logo

The CSA International logo, with us or NRTL, indicates that the product complies with the applicable United States standards and can enter the U.S. market.

The CSA International logo with C-us or Nrtl C indicates that the product has been tested and complies with the applicable standards of the United States and Canada and can enter both markets simultaneously.

3. Sanitary Ware Product Category

A, storage and transportation of water pipe and tubing: storage tanks, pipe coating, a variety of pipe fittings, a variety of connectors and so on;

b, water transport network function Accessories: valve, thermostatic valve core, plastic mixing valve core, quick-opening valve core, foaming device, controller and so on;

C, Water delivery terminal products: faucet, shower, thermostat faucet, braided pipe, shower device ,Above counter bathroom sinks and so on.

IV. Certification process

A, fill in the certification application, submit the application for certification;

b, to provide supporting documents required for certification: drawings, manuals, parts supporting documents, marking intentions and so on;

C, the relevant testing, to obtain the test report;

D, conduct factory audits, obtain audit reports (can be synchronized with the test);

E, all information, report to CSA, get certification;