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Above Counter Bathroom Sinks American Standard

- Jun 17, 2017 -

Above counter bathroom sinks american standard

Wash basin, bidet: Overflow test in the flow of Hanl II, five minutes can not produce overflow, hanging wall type wash porcelain cabinet sink load 1.1KN without damage,

Above Counter Bathroom Sinks

Rational performance

1, water absorption rate: porcelain cabinet sink can not be greater than 0.5%

2, anti-cracking performance: Can not be cracked

3, Above counter bathroom sinks the minimum thickness of the body can not be less than 6 mm, ASME A112 in the United States. 19.2-2003 2 porcelain sanitary ware requirements of the appearance of deformation 2.1 water absorption: The average sample water Above counter bathroom sinks absorption rate is not greater than 0.5%; 2.2 Anti-cracking: test specimens should not be cracked after testing; 2.3 Body Thickness: Any position can not be less than 6 mm thickness