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Why does bathroom sink water taste different

- Jun 14, 2017 -

Why does bathroom sink water taste different?

Most of the people who have used ceramic bathroom sink fixtures know that a lot of friends do not know is out of haste or the habit of minded, the regular will be something conveniently thrown in the black sink, which not only is not conducive to the cleaning of the black water tank and it is likely because the items fell to the drainpipe and blocked.

Rectangular Vessel Sink

The next water pipe to use hard PP, uPVC pipe, high sealing, elastic, heat, anti-cracking, long life, design reasonable, with deodorant, anti-flavor design, easy to install, no blockage, water seepage and so on. Poor quality of the material feel soft and poor temperature resistance, will cause deformation caused by drainage pipe and groove drop phenomenon, affect the use. At the junction should have a conical rubber ring, increase its tightness, deodorant function generally have U-shaped tube or smelly bottle to smell. The lower pipe has a hard tube and a hose.