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White Porcelain Rectangular Vessel Sink

- Jun 16, 2017 -

Use white porcelain rectangular vessel sink considerations:

1.The white porcelain rectangular vessel sink shall not be rushed into the easily blocked items;

2.In order to prevent white porcelain rectangular vessel sink damage and leakage, please do not impact on ceramics;

3.White porcelain rectangular vessel sink when plugging, please remove immediately with the skin suction device;

4.Cannot use and store water below 0 degrees celsius;

5.To prevent the expansion of cement so that the bottom of the toilet burst, must use glass glue for installation.

White Porcelain Rectangular Vessel Sink

6.Usually clean: Porcelain appearance soft brush hair or sponge dip neutral cleaning agent cleaning, but should not do not hot water rinse or directly poured hot water, lest the basin open. To fill water with a basin, put cold water in the hot water to avoid scalding.

7.Regular maintenance: Below the water bay head can be removed, the accumulation of stains will be removed, can keep drainage unobstructed.

8.Clean the basin should be used as far as possible sponge dip cleaning agent, remember not to use melon cloth, or with a hard brush, acid alkaline chemicals or solvents wipe scrub, because the surface will be formed in the basin small scratches, make it become coarse and easy to deposit dirt.

9.Change the bad habit of placing items on the basin.