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white porcelain bathroom sinks

- May 20, 2017 -

  Bathroom sinks is divided into cast iron enamel sinks, porcelain sinks, stainless steel sinks, artificial stone sinks, granite sinks (quartz stone mixed resin), steel enamel sinks, acrylic sinks, crystal stone basin and so on. According to style sub-basin, double basin, double basin size, shape double basin and so on.

white porcelain bathroom sinks

  The advantage of porcelain sink is the surface hard wear, high temperature, easy to change the temperature, anti-aging, maintenance, easy to clean, clean and innovative, but to avoid collision with the hard objects, scratches. You can use the scrubbing pad when cleaning, and if you encounter stubborn stains you can use the wire, but you must gently wipe.

   The weight of the porcelain material in the purchase of the best brochure in advance to clear the cabinet and the table to the tank enough to support the power. Most porcelain sinks are white, but the porcelain sinks in production can be colored, so the colors are actually richer.