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What is rectangular bathroom sinks vessel?

- Jun 05, 2017 -

Bathroom sink Ceramic Basin As a result of high sintering temperature, uniform, strong resistance to quench heat, easy to crack, cost-effective. According to the size of the bathroom can choose rectangle bathroom sink,small ceramic sink,undermount bathroom sink and so on.

rectangular bathroom sinks vessel

New ceramic basin, is a sanitary ware manufacturing field, it can effectively avoid the ceramic basin is not set with towel racks, users can not directly put the towel hanging on the basin on the shortcomings. The utility model relates to a new type ceramic basin, which comprises a basin body, a table, a faucet and a column, and a basin body and a table are made into one, and the faucet is installed on the back side of the table, the column is arranged in the lower side of the basin body, which is characterized in that the right side of the countertop is provided with two racks, two racks and countertops are made into one, and a stainless steel pipe is connected between the two racks, and the user can put the towel on the steel pipe directly. Mainly used to facilitate the use of towels.