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what are bathroom sinks made of

- Jun 13, 2017 -

what are bathroom sinks made of?

Bathroom sinks are common in our lives of bathroom products, bathroom sinks have a variety of materials, different material bathroom sinks have different characteristics. Bathroom sink material is mainly stainless steel bathroom sinks, ceramic bathroom sinks, marble bathroom sinks, glass bathroom sinks and so on.

White Bathroom Vanity Countertop Vessel Sink

Stainless steel bathroom sink: Stainless steel bathroom sink has its own strong industrial products of rational design sense, so it is the embodiment of the personality of the bathroom is a good choice, but this material bathroom sinks the best choice of other bathroom steel accessories with the use of matching, more can reflect its personality. At present, some of the younger consumers love the steel bathroom sink, feel very cool. But this bathroom sink is overpriced.

Porcelain bathroom sink: The general appearance of a thick feeling, seemingly coarse but can reflect the designer and the master's extraordinary taste is the traditional bathroom sink material, color mostly white and ivory. Porcelain bathroom Sinks In addition to the usual round, large semicircle, square, but also more and more personalized appearance in front of us, the same square and rectangular, there are six rhombic, fan-shaped, triangular and so on. It is understood that the market to buy porcelain bathroom sink customers accounted for more than 90%.

Marble Bathroom Sink: general modelling concise Crisp, its own material weight sense and pattern of gorgeous sense with the ancient wooden brackets or bathroom furniture, do noble gas. At present, there are two main kinds of market, one is marble bathroom sink, the other is man-made marble bathroom sink. Marble bathroom sink is a luxury, the price is more expensive, and man-made stone bathroom sinks have a marble bathroom sink features, but the price is relatively cheap, so there is a certain share in the market.

Glass bathroom sink: A new type of material bathroom sink which has been popular in recent years. There are two main types of materials, one is the ordinary glass bathroom sink, the other is tempered glass bathroom sinks, and better quality glass bathroom sinks should use tempered glass. Generally can be made into transparent glass, frosted glass, printing glass and other forms. Material fresh, crisp, concise, to the home full of vitality. Ordinary glass bathroom sinks are not resistant to high temperatures, which is the biggest flaw in ordinary glass bathroom sinks. Because the glass itself is relatively poor temperature resistance, at the same time do the bathroom sink glass is generally very thick, after bending and other processes, the internal existence of huge stress needs to be released, glass bathroom sink temperature change ability to become worse. and tempered glass bathroom sink temperature resistance is significantly better than ordinary glass bathroom sinks, can withstand 100 Shan high temperature.