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wall mount bathroom sink installation

- Jun 08, 2017 -

Wall mount Bathroom sink Installation steps:

1. Stay out of the location of the choice of the family of the flume styles are different, so the table should be left out of the water tank and the volume of the tank in line with the table should be the table when the size of the supplier sink, in order to avoid the problem of rework.

2. The faucet and the inlet pipe should be installed before the faucet is installed in the sink. Installation of the faucet, not only requires a strong installation, and the junction can not appear seepage.

3. Put the sink, will sink some of the function accessories are installed, you can put the sink to the table in the corresponding position, ready to start the next step of the installation program.

4. Recommendations like the installation of sanitary ware more difficult home installation or to find bathroom installation Master Help, you can go to some home sales after the class of the website platform (such as the Master of the platform) inside to find bathroom master, now a lot of sanitary ware merchants are doing so, remote find ware installation master in such a platform to find more simple.

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