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wall hung porcelain sink

- Jun 12, 2017 -

Advantages and disadvantages of wall hung porcelain sink

1.Ordinary wall hung porcelain sink directly can see the storage pipe. The half column basin, looks like the pillar basin half, also does not have the appearance to see the water storage pipe or the bracket. Wall hung porcelain sink form than column basin also concise, especially suitable for the layout of a compact bathroom. And the different shape and material of the wall basin will give the whole bathroom space to bring a delicate and chic feeling.

2.Compared with other forms of table basin, wall hung porcelain sink has special requirements to the wall, preferably installed on the bearing wall, and because of the use of wall drainage, they are more slowly draining than other basins. One-piece basin in view of the column basin and wall hanging basin limited area. In order to increase the ease of use and avoid filth, now many products have introduced a lot of all-in-one basin. They either extend the edge of the basin to increase the area. Or the table and bathroom cabinets into one to enhance the overall feeling between the bathroom.

3.the shortcomings also exist, that is, can not be changed, once the basin is damaged, it is necessary to replace the whole, higher cost.

wall hung porcelain sink