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Vessel Sink Vanity Designs

- Jun 16, 2017 -

How to design the kitchen vessel sink vanity:

1. Vessel sink vanity size is determined by kitchen space. Generally speaking, vessel sink vanity volume higher prices, but consumers in the choice, can not only pick a big buy, according to the actual size of the kitchen to choose, choose a single basin, double basins or multiple pots of products.

2. Do not pursue too thick plate. The thickness of the plate, the current market on more than 0.8-1.2 mm mainly, the choice of sinks, although the thickness is very important, but can not blindly pursue the thickness of the plate, the general case, 1.0 mm thick water tank plate enough to use. Too thick, too high intensity is not necessarily a good thing, such as accidentally dropped bowl into the sink, the result vessel sink vanity hardness too high to smash the bowl.

Vessel Sink Vanity

3. Vessel sink vanity depth is determined by cabinet space. The trough depth is also related to the price of the important factors, often the deeper the cost of slotting, but consumers should also pay attention to the cabinet space. In addition, the greater the space inside the sink, the higher the utilization rate, the better the practicability of the flume.

4. The production process is also related to prices. Vessel sink vanity surface use of what kind of technology, such as wire drawing, polishing, pearl silver and so on, the price is also different. The water tank made of polishing process is relatively poor in abrasion resistance, and the product of wiredrawing is much better in this aspect.