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Vessel Sink Faucet Hole Size

- Jun 12, 2017 -

What is the size of the double Vessel Sink Faucet Hole opening?

1.according to the width of the kitchen table to determine the width of the sink, the general width of the sink should be less than 10cm kitchen table counter. At the same time according to the domestic kitchen countertop size in 50cm ~ 60cm this feature, you can get a reasonable width of the tank in the 43cm ~ 48cm.

2.the depth of the sink need to match the cabinet space. Slot slot depth is also an important factor related to its price, under normal circumstances, cleaning the larger capacity of the sink is good, the depth of 20cm better, so you can effectively prevent splashing water, while the depth is also reflected in the importance of sink grade Indicators, more than 18cm depth of the double slot sink is a high-grade products.

3.since the understanding of the size of the sink, then the installation we also need to know a size data, that is, the size of the Vessel Sink Faucet Hole opening?. What is the size of the opening of the Vessel Sink Faucet Hole opening?? The size of the opening of the sink refers to the size of the opening required to fit the sink on the platen. In general, the length of the opening is equal to the length and width of the sink minus 3cm, for example, 75 × 40cm of the water tank, the hole should be 72 × 37cm.

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