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Vessel Sink Bowl Installation

- Jun 15, 2017 -

Ceramic Vessel Sink Bowl Installation Method:

First, Installation environment: Before installation, water has been closed and drains are reserved. If the old ceramic vessel sink bowl is replaced, the water should be closed before the old ceramic vessel sink bowl is removed.

Second,Installation steps:

1. By measuring,the installation height of the ceramic sink is marked on the wall, and the recommended height is 820mm.

Note: The height of installation refers to the distance from the surface to the ceramic sink.

2. The ceramic vessel sink bowl and column basin are placed in the installation position and the horizontal ruler is corrected with the horizontal position, and the pen is marked on the wall and the floor.The position of the Shan column on the ground.

If a ceramic sink is installed with a fixed metal piece, please mark the position of the mounting hole of the fixing piece.

b If the installation hole of ceramic vessel sink bowl maker is installed directly, please mark the position of ceramic mounting hole.

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