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Vanity Bathroom Basins

- Jun 16, 2017 -

1.Cleaning method of vanity bathroom basins

Rinse with detergent or liquid detergent. Scrub in order to enhance the friction effect, you can use foam sponge or loofah dipped in washing powder to scrub, and finally rinse with water can be. Metal or porcelain vanity bathroom basins side stained with stains, with hundred clean cloth plus detergent and a little powder wipe can, finally rinse with water. When the white vanity bathroom basins is yellow, will wash basin haiku water mouth plug, to ensure that will not leak, poured into the bleach soak about 2 minutes, and then again with water repeatedly wash, you can make the white wash basin restore the original color.

2.Cleaning of the fouling on the glass glue on the vanity bathroom basins side

Wash basin and bathtub edge of the glass gum will often produce black dirt, appear to view this situation is because in the use of detergent cleaning, some dirt stranded in the detergent in the chemical corrosion of the glass glue, and mold after the combination, after a period of time will appear black. Can be dipped with a scouring cloth diluted detergent to wipe, and then with a toothbrush dipped "Safe bleach" Scrub, you can achieve the ideal cleaning effect.

Vanity Bathroom Basins