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Use of ceramic sink precautions

- Mar 21, 2017 -

Use of bathroom ceramic sink precautions

① Not to the ceramic wash basin into the easy to plug the items;

② In order to prevent the ceramic wash basin damage and leakage, please do not hit the ceramic;

③ When the ceramic sink is blocked immediately with a suction device to exclude;

④ Can not be used and stored in water below 32℉;

⑤ In order to prevent the expansion of the cement so that the bottom of the device burst, must use glass glue to install.

⑥ Usually clean: porcelain appearance soft bristles or sponge stained neutral detergent cleaning, but should not be hot water rinse or directly into the hot water, so as not to split the basin. If you want to use the basin filled with water, first put cold water in the hot water to avoid burns.

⑦ Regular preservation: the bottom of the water Bay head can be removed, the accumulation of stains removed, can keep the drainage smooth.

⑧ Clean the basin should try to use a sponge dipped in detergent cleaning, remember not to use cooking cloth, or with a hard brush, acid or alkaline chemicals or solvent wipe scrub, because the surface of the basin will form a small scratches, it becomes Rough operation and sedimentation.

⑨ Change the habit of placing items on top of the basin.