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Unique bathroom sinks

- Jun 17, 2017 -

The sink is divided into stainless steel sinks, ceramic sinks and marble sinks. Kitchen sink with stainless steel material is better. Ceramic sinks are mainly used in bathrooms. Take stainless steel sink as an example, stainless steel flume According to the process, can be divided into stretching trough and manual sink. At present there is also a combination of stretching and manual water sinks, also zoned as a manual sink. According to the stainless steel material points, can be divided into SUS201 SUS202 SUS304 and SUS316 food grade stainless steel. 304 of the stainless steel in the life of the use of more extensive, performance is relatively stable, regardless of the ability to resist rust or corrosion resistance is relatively strong. 202 slightly almost, 201 again. 316 food grade stainless steel in the indoor use is relatively small, because of the strong resistance to rust and corrosion, so in some public products are more common. Especially the coastal cities in the first tier used more, because the coastal cities, the air is relatively humid, the air salinity is also relatively high. Therefore, the requirements of stainless steel products will be much higher. So if your own home kitchen, with a SUS304 material stainless steel sink can be.

Unique bathroom sinks