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Undermount Rectangular Vanity Sinks

- Jun 12, 2017 -

The undermount rectangular vanity sinks are easy to use, water and other sundries can be directly wiped into the sink, but can not change the sink, repair trouble. After the installation of the undermount rectangular vanity sinks after the overall appearance is relatively neat and easy to take care of, so more in public places. But the junction of the basin and mesa is more easy to filth. In addition, the undermount rectangular vanity sinks to the installation process requirements are higher: First of all, according to the size of the basin under the custom-made platform basin installation bracket, then the next basin will be installed in a predetermined position, fixed the bracket and then the open hole of the table cover on the undermount rectangular vanity sinks fixed on the wall-general selection of cape tito to live on the table and then with the wall fixed; because of the platform under the table under the stent staggered, disassembly complex, if the table length is small, installation is difficult to ensure the quality of installation, moreover, the undermount rectangular vanity sinks style is relatively single, the only thing that can be played is the color shape of the countertop, so it is generally used very little in the family.

Undermount Rectangular Vanity Sinks