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The Difference between Porcelain Kitchen Sink and Stainless Steel Sink
- Jun 11, 2018 -


Stainless steel sink is not much affected by most chemicals. It doesn’t get peel, crack or chip easily. Stainless steel sink is the most durable option available to homeowners. The thickness of the steel plays a major role in the sink’s resistance, the thicker the steel the higher the durability will be. The chlorine bleach, solvents and other abrasive cleaners can damage the finish of the stainless sink.

Porcelain sink is not affected by any temperature changes but they get easily damage by sharp objects. If you drop any heavy object in the sink it may cause the sink to chip.


The thickness of the stainless steel is less as compared to porcelain sink, therefore, stainless sink makes more noise when objects drop against. Somehow, higher end sink has an extra coating around the underside of the bowl to reduce noise, but it is still noisier than porcelain sink.

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