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Taking Care Of Your Ceramic Bathroom Sink

- Jul 21, 2017 -

Taking Care Of Your Ceramic Bathroom Sink


Prolong the use of your bathroom sink and maintain its beauty for many years to come. Your bathroom sink is one of the most used fixture. It is considered an important part of your bathroom. It is important to avoid anything that could damage it.


Your ceramic sink can be damaged when in contact with Strong chemicals, ammonia, caustic soda, paint strippers, brush cleaners and nail varnish removers. Make sure to avoid getting your sink in contact with these harsh chemicals.  


Dropping heavy and sharp materials can also cause your sink to chip and crack. Remember to be careful of your hair straightener and curlers, these are some of the most common products that are dropped on bathroom sinks.


Do not place hot materials on top of your sink as this may damage its surface. Metallic items are also known to leave gray marks on your bathroom ceramic sink. When you already accidentally placed these items, clean it off with mild abrasive cleaner.


For those who likes to clean sinks with bleach, remember to immediately rinse it off and thoroughly.