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Small Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

- Jun 13, 2017 -

The size of the sink to match the overall kitchen area, a small area of the kitchen can choose single bowl kitchen sink. And single bowl kitchen sink can be divided into large basins and small pans. What we're going to say today is how big the single bowl kitchen sink is, hope to still hesitate to give you some reference.

Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Sink size of the single basin is generally a fixed size, the depth of the tank are generally about 220 mm, the weight of their own in the twelve kilograms, relatively easy to fix, the hole size of the wind is not 767 * 465 * r45. Most of the large size of the sink design, the appearance of the part will also increase a size, if it is designed in accordance with the size of the sink, the appearance size is 784 mm long, 484 mm wide, so install the kitchen more appropriate.

The size of the sink single basin is a molding, so that there is no interface, there is no need to worry about the use of cracks in the tank, the specific size, according to the location of the personal kitchen faucet to set, some faucet position settings more special, so the size of the selection of the sink should be larger, it is necessary to customize the use of a single slot, but from another aspect of the use of single sink sink is also more simple, with the same internal filter, so in use, you do not have to worry about the debris will enter the pipeline.