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Small oval undermount bathroom sinks

- Jun 05, 2017 -

Bathroom sink According to the material divided into cast iron enamel, ceramics, stainless steel, artificial stone, granite sinks (quartz stone mixed resin), steel enamel, acrylic, crystal stone sinks, etc. according to the style of single basin, double basin, size double basin, profiled double basin and so on.Small oval undermount bathroom sinks Beautiful and durable wear-resisting,A variety of colors can be customized, and integrated molding without seams, easier to match bathroom decoration.

Small oval undermount bathroom sinks

More common in the market is the rolling welding process production, this process is mainly to stretch two single groove body, and then press a panel, the two slots welded to the panel, and then repair grinding treatment. In the process of the trough body tensile equipment requirements are low, generally within 500 tons of hydraulic equipment can be produced. But its welding and grinding process requirements are relatively high, the general domestic brands usually use manual rolling, manual grinding, Groove Body and panel joints are more rough, often imaginary welding. Imported brands are used CNC welding and CNC grinding, to eliminate the virtual welding, polished seam is very flat and beautiful.