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rectangular vessel sink with faucet

- Jun 07, 2017 -

When cleaning the sink, use a neutral detergent, wipe with a soft brush or cloth, and avoid using abrasives such as wire brushes. Especially the enamel surface should not be scratched with sharp knives. It is best to use a strong hot water rinse. Stubborn stains, paints or bitumen can be removed with turpentine or paint thinner. Acid or strong alkaline substances easily make the surface loss of luster, sink, faucet to avoid contact. Some high-grade rectangular vessel sink with faucet surface after special material treatment, to reduce hanging water and dirt residue, cleaning should also refer to the above method. If the food residue processor is not installed, the water outlet should be placed in the water outlets to facilitate the clean-up of vegetable residues to avoid clogging the sewer pipeline. Proper adjustment of faucet nozzle position, configuration of shower or cover can avoid water stains splashing. Rectangular vessel sink with faucet cleaning, to use the soft clean cotton cloth, to keep the surface dry as new.

rectangular vessel sink with faucet