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Rectangular undermount bathroom sink sizes

- Jun 05, 2017 -

Whether it is a stand-alone or desktop rectangular undermount bathroom sink, the basin surface or mesa height is 80-85 centimeters, because too low rectangular undermount bathroom sink white will make people back pain.

Rectangular undermount bathroom sink

The basin side of the sink white must be slightly higher than the table, but with the table must be smooth, the purpose is to splash to the table on the water to rub back into the basin without hindrance, at the same time easy to clean the table. The table itself must choose the surface smooth material, the edge and the two corners must be smooth, lest bump. The smoothness of the basin itself is also very important, the high finish of the basin surface so that the debris in the water is not easy to attach to the surface, relative to reduce the need to scrub the number of times.