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Porcelain Wall Mount Sinks

- Jun 13, 2017 -

1. After the installation of porcelain wall mount sinks, we have to conduct a drainage experiment, test the effect of the installation of the sink, the first filter basket is also installed, to begin the next experiment. When doing the drainage test, the sink should be filled with water and the drainage of two filter baskets and overflow holes are tested. Drainage, if found where there is water seepage phenomenon, should be immediately rework, to ensure that the future use is not hindered.

2. After the drainage test is done to ensure that there is no problem, the porcelain wall mount sinks can be closed. In the use of silicone sealing edge, to ensure that porcelain wall mount sinks and mesa connection gap evenly, can not have water seepage phenomenon. When the edge is finished, the installation of the sink is finished. The sink is small, but because of its frequent use, the connection installation at each sewer is critical.

Porcelain Wall Mount Sinks