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Must know about ceramic bathroom sink

- Jul 24, 2017 -

Must know about ceramic bathroom sink
Bathroom sink is one of the most used plumbing fixture in our bathroom. There are 3 installation options for ceramic sinks.

Undermount Installation - This type of sinks are installed underneath the countertop and would require the countertop to be cut based on the sink’s size. With undermount sink you wont have to worry about mold built up. This is considered the most hygienic option. Undermount ceramic basins are easy to clean and are commonly used in public bathrooms.

Self Rimming Installation - A.K.A .drop-in sinks or topmount sinks. Self-rimming ceramic sinks also requires specific cut out size yet the rim of the sink would sit on top of the counter. This sink is sealed using a silicone. Another commonly seen installation option in American bathrooms.

Vessel Installation - vessel ceramic sinks are the most convenient installation type. It simply sits on top of the countertop. Vessel bathroom sinks are available in various shapes, size, and designs. You have plenty of decor style to choose from.