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long vessel sinks

- Jun 07, 2017 -

About long vessel sinks:

1.the horizontal length of the sink, in general this and sinks in the basin of how much, one, the more the basin or with wings, will be lengthened the length of the sink. In general, the single basin in the 1000px or so, double basins in the 2000px around, three pots generally in 2750px around. Specific to see the specific sink! No very standard size !

2. The relationship between longitudinal length of the flume and the vertical length of the table: the size of the flume is almost the same, because the size of the mesa is mostly 13750px wide. Before you buy the sink, you must first measure the width of the table, the width of the sink is smaller than the width of the Mesa 10-375p (generally 250px enough) around. Kitchen counter dimensions in 1250 X 15000, sink width in 1075px 1200p. Because if the sink and the edge of the table too wide, one is not beautiful, the second use of the need to probe into the operation is very tired. If it is too narrow, when the sink is filled with water, the table is likely to break because the edge is too narrow to withstand the weight of the sink.

long vessel sinks