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Large rectangular undermount bathroom sink

- Jun 05, 2017 -

Large rectangular undermount bathroom sink

Large rectangular undermount bathroom sink cabinets are also called basin cabinets, is the market on the face basin, the main one, is a common bathroom supplies. Washbasin Cabinets According to the different installation mode, mainly divided into wall-type washbasin and floor wash basin Cabinets Two, these two kinds of toilet washbasin cabinet application is more common.

Wash Basin Sink

Two kinds of Large rectangular undermount bathroom sink cabinets are mainly based on the installation of different types. The bottom of the wall-type washbasin cabinet is suspended, which is supported by the parts connected with the wall surface, and the bottom of the floor is touched by the ground.

Wall-type large ceramic sink cabinet: The bottom of the vacant area easy to take care of, and can prevent the bathroom moisture extended to the cabinet. Installation of wall-type washbasin cabinet must be a load-bearing wall or solid brick walls, installation is more complex.

Floor face basin Cabinet: installation Without walls. Relative to the cupboard under difficult to manage, easy to damp, suitable for wet and dry separation between the bathroom.